Mural Making

Hey Friends!

I was commissioned recently to makeover the waiting room for Evolve Therapeutic Services in Logan. 

My design plan was an enchanted forest-y theme that would be suitable for young children as well as youth up to 18 years old. It also needed to suit both males and females.

I decided this theme would suit a range of ages, bring some colour into the waiting room and inspire the imagination. I had such a fun time doing this- I am not primarily a painter, so it challenged me and also thrilled me to see the progress. Singing along to the radio, trying to get minimal paint on my docs (didn't really work, they got painted), getting totally absorbed in colour and the process...I can't think of many other jobs that are more fun than that.

AND I'd love to take on more gigs like this that push me to learn and challenge myself. If you need a wall that needs brightening up, shoot me a message!