Feedback From the community

Personally, I find Alana to be one of the most positive, polite, friendly and smart young women Ive ever met. Not only is she passionate and professional about her own art practice, but she empowers others to create artwork and enjoy self expression.
— Debra Hood (Southside Art Market organiser/ Arts Coordinator 2015 Bulimba Festival)
Lani was the first artist to join Road 2 Art School & Studio’s Visiting Artist Program. Lani tailored workshops for our teen and adult students to share her unique technique and inspiring ideas which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. She was very professional, reliable and a joy to work with. Road 2 Art are happy to recommend Lani as a guest artist or workshop facilitator and look forward to her visiting us again in the future
— Leigh Lynam (Road 2 Art)
“We have recently run a Health and Wellbeing day for year 7, 8 and 9s with external providers such as Headspace, Kids in Mind, Pathways etc. Alana was invited to run an activity where a few senior art students assisted her to create a “doodle wall” giving guidance to the junior students who participated. This was incredibly well received by the students, creating an awesomely positive colourful opportunity for everyone to be a part, despite their lack of artistic ability. This activity gave Alana the time to interact with senior and junior students, and I know from speaking to the seniors that she has definitely inspired those artistic students. I believe that Alana has a wide range of interpersonal skills and a great understanding of how art can connect with young people as a great way of expressing their feelings and struggles, therapeutically.”
— -Fiona Taylor (Clinical Nurse SBYH (Brisbane South) Child and Youth Community Health Services)
A Review on The Letter “R”....
Lani’s artwork is beautiful as per usual. Her writing is honest, heartfelt and so profound! I am a school chaplain in Warwick for 7 years, a job I am passionate about. I work in a state primary school. I bought two copies of the for school, one for home. A lovely Year 6 girl borrowed the book this week. I believe it will inspire, encourage her and show her some coping skills. Personally, I am very encouraged by Lani’s book. It is a source of strength through a difficult time for my family. I am getting divorced and have three magnificent children who are teenagers. Thank you Lani for sharing your gifts with the world! Eternally grateful..
— Donna Angell