Kintsugi: To Repair With Gold

Last week I had the coolest opportunity to speak at Life and Mercy Christian Fellowship at Holland Park.

I went as part of a little team from my church (Alive Church) and spoke with the women at Life and Mercy. 

The topic was self esteem, and I shared my drawings and spoke about the art technique of Kintsugi. 

Kintsugi is a Japanese art form and philosophy that sees the cracks and flaws in pottery (and people) as part of the history of the pot (or person) and adding value to said object. 

The cracks are bound together with a laquer mixed with gold or silver. 

I spoke about how we are like this pottery and the choice is ours as to how we view and understand our flaws. 

Do we allow room for Jesus to bind us together again? Do we try to function in pieces? Do we try to hold ourselves together? 

I shared some of my own personal struggles with pride and wanting to be a self-sufficient vase but having to admit my need to be saved and my need to be restored.

Each lady got to keep a little rough hand drawn kintsugi pot to remind them of their value and worth.